My Dad Is The Richest In The Whole World-Kidi’s Son Zane Hypes Him After Buying A Pair of Footwear For Him


KiDi’s child, Zane Dwamena quickly transformed into a hypeman not long after his dad got him a smooth footwear to add to his assortments.
The A-rundown vocalist was driving around along with his lovable child and another traveler whose personality we were unable to lay out as of press time.

Film transferred web-based that could make your day caught the second Zane began adulating his genius father, it are the most incredible on the planet to guarantee his melodies.

Besides, the young man said KiDi is the most extravagant on the planet and nobody can move him with regards to abundance.

“My dad knows everything, he is just the smartest dad in the whole world. My dad is the richest in the whole world,” Zane was heard saying in the video that could go viral soon.

To make his statement Zane flaunted the shoes his father purchased exclaiming “see what I got.”

This while KiDi was chuckling and had his self image shoot up to the top of the vehicle.

Captioning his video while sharing on IG he wrote: “If your son doesn’t gas you like this…,”

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