Hip Pad Kakra Wom- Fans Troll Salma Mumin Over New Nyash


Savages are busy again after they risen up out of the four corners of the web to unreservedly share deriding remarks about Salma Mumin’s posterior following another video of her common on the web.

The entertainer was found in the video looking so fly supplemented by her large rear which she was reputed to have expanded in Turkey.

The delicate nyash hung enchantingly in her tight-fitting skirt while venturing out as of late as she parades her lovely bends.

Apparently, the ‘bundling’ was to publicity an impending blockbuster film of Ghanaian beginning promoted to be the main all-activity film from this region of the planet.

Savages got focused with her humongous posterior and passed their spontaneous perspectives about it. That’s what one woman noticed in spite of the fact that her sexiness has gone first class, it appears she added a few hip cushions.

One woman likewise said obtusely that she doesn’t look decent and thus needs to return to the specialist for a discount.



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