“If you are the man for me out there, come and get me. I am just 26years, still learning and growing, dont be intimidated” Tacha reveals

  • Nigerian reality TV Star Tacha has revealed that she is ready to settle down with any man who is ready for her
  • According to her, she is just 26years, Still growing and learn but she is still the same no Nonsense lady we known from the BBN house

Nigerian Reality Star Tacha in a recent interview has revealed that she would love to get married and that any man who would love to get married to her should do it now because she is just 26 year, still growing and learning

This comes as a shock to Netizens because the Tacha we all know has usually been preaching about not needing a man because she is an independent lady. In a recent interview, She said: “God has my mumu button at the moment, I dont think any man should be intimidated by me, I am only, 26years, still learning and growing. I am really open minded. If you are the man for me out there, Come and get me. For now its just me, God and my team.

“I have evolved because change is constant, I have really grown but I am still a no nonsense person. The only difference is that I am no long in the BBN house. I am out her in the real world where people can see the actual Tacha and not the other narrative created by other people . When I look in the mirror, I see a strong and resilient black woman and nothing keeps me going more than that

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