Nana Agradaa Calls Out Kennedy Agyapong; Says He Benefited From Her ‘Sika Gari’ Business


Kennedy Agyapong has been uncovered by means of Nana Agradaa, calling him out for divulging a secret she mentioned with him on the radio and additionally claimed to have beforehand assisted him in her Sika Gari business.

In response to Kennedy Agyapong’s declaration that Nana Agradaa had promised her that he would end doing Sika Gari, Nana Agradaa defined that he had made a promise to provide her a job so that she ought to end performing Sika Gari however had in no way observed thru on it.

Nana Agradaa claims that Kennedy Agyapong and a few different human beings have benefited from the Sika Gari they are trying to use in opposition to her due to the fact she bought motors from that for his nephew and different clients, proving that he has already benefited from that.


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