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I Am Tired Of Being Strong – Toke Makinwa Takes Worries To Social Media

Nigerian media character and TV have, Toke Makinwa took to virtual entertainment on Monday to express that she misses being powerless and opening up to somebody.

The 37-year-old Vlogger and way of life business visionary utilized her Instastory on Monday to say she is burnt out on major areas of strength for being needs to feel delicate once more.

“Can’t remember what it really feels like to open up and be so vulnerable with another person, tired of being so strong. I want to feel soft again. But the way the world is set up today,” Makinwa wrote on the social engagement platform.

She wrote: “We are BACK with the Vlog. Are you still inheriting enemies in the name of friendship??? The famous saying “the enemy of friend is also my enemy” in my opinion is so high school. Let’s practice forking our own opinions and getting to know people away from other people’s experiences, can we practice caution? Of course, should we learn from other people’s experiences?

“Yes but do not group hate or group fight people that have done nothing to you, do you agree??? Let’s meet in the comment section.”

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