How can I leak Our Private Convo?—Mzvre Reacts to Leak Audio of Psalm Adjetefio Fast circulating.

An audio of A-list Ghanaian actor begging media personality MzGee for left over food surfaced online few hours ago and already some are blaming MzGee for the leak.

Colleague Media personality Amanda Jissih has fired MzGee for leaking the audio although she has no prove that it was MzGee who leaked it.

MzGee reacting to the accusation that she deliberately leaked Adjetefio’s audio has questioned all her accusers why she would do that after interviewing the same man so he could gwt help from the general public.

”Ghana! Herrrh! Christ me! We forget too easily! Same me,who broke story of T.T’s predicament, almost a year ago? Same me, who put my reputation on the line and appealed for funds for T.T, almost year ago, leak our private conversation? How gullible can I be but it is well!”, she wrote while reacting to Psalm Adjeteyfio’s brouhaha.

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