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Medikal Busted For Claiming To Be 25yrs In 2017 And 27yrs In 2021

Social media folks have descended heavily on Ghanaian rapper Medikal for claiming to be 27 years of age after 5 years of claiming to 25 years.

Recall that we reported that Medikal says he is on his 7th house and still counting so even if people criticize and laugh at him for his style he doesn’t really care because he is way ahead.

”You go fi criticise me, laugh at my style, say I shaa but I’m on my 7th house in Aburi ! And I’m only 27 ! I hope say we go chop 50 then you de fi pay your wifi bills tweet @ me”, his tweet read.

Why shading his critics he mentioned that he is just 27 years of age and already he is on his 7th house…this didn’t sit well with some of his critics who have gone extreme miles to dig when he disclosed his age to Delay in 2017.

Apparently in 2017 Medikal mentioned that he was 25 years of age but fast forward to 2021 he is saying that he is 27 which means he never grow yearly.

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