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E-Levy Fight: Minority In Parliament Is Thirsty For Power-Allotey Jacobs

A former Central Regional Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Allotey Jacobs has said that the NDC which forms the Minority in the 8th Parliament is thirsty for power.

He noted that the brawl which ensued between the Majority in Parliament and the Minority clearly indicates that the Minority is power thirsty.

He also lamented on the conduct of the MPs during the head count for the E-Levy approval.

”’I tell you don’t believe the politician. Anything the politician will do to convince the masses to tow their line, so they march forward for them to come into power, they will do it. The Minority is thirsty for power”, he stated while speaking on Peace FM.

He likened the misconduct of the MPs in Parliament last Monday to that of Kindergarten kids.

He blamed the Minority in Parliament for the fight that erupted in Parliament adding that the Minority are deliberating all they are doing just to make Ghanaians feel they are fighting for their interest.

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