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Video: Funny Face’s Baby Mama Ditches Him, Announces She Is Now Married To Another Man

The baby mama of comic actor Funny Face who is well known as Vanessa Nicole has made a shocking revelation about her current status and social media users can’t keep cool.

In a video fast circulating she noted that she made a post recently on her official Instagram page and someone commented that she is desperate for a husband.

Replying the social media folk while speaking with a number of men who had gone to her eatry joint, she mentioned that she is currently married.

When asked why she doesn’t put on her ring she stated that she doesn’t wear the ring because she is always preparing food.

Meanwhile Vanessa is the baby mama of Funny Face whom he accused of sleeping around with so many men including his own friends.

After the video of Vanessa indicating that she is married people have accused her of being the reason for Funny Face’s recent relapse.

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