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Aged Actors Begging Aren’t Part of Actors Guild-Bill Asamoah

Famous Ghanaian Kumawood actor Bill Asamoah has revealed that aged actors and actresses who beg for arms to support themselves when in need are not part of the actors guild.

This comes up after some few actors showed up begging Ghanaians to help them with some money to cater for themselves and Psalm Adjetefio is one of such people who was recently seen in a video calling on Ghanaians to help him.

Usually some Ghanaians who are well to do rush to their aid.

The rate at which the aged people call on Ghanaians is becoming alarming and one will wonder whether they belonged to the Actors Guild that can help them in such situations.

According to Bill Asamoah who was speaking with Abeiku Santana the aged beggers have been adamant in the Actors Guild association.

He mentioned that the association has it’s welfare scheme were it supports members but the aged members have refused to be registered members of the association hence they not receiving help when in need.

”Most of my colleagues are overwhelmed by the stardom. When they have the name and are being hailed, they think they are bigger than certain things happening around them. They don’t join the Actors Guild. They are not members of the Guild but they will always criticize the association. But when they are in distress, we cannot take money from our coffers and give it out to them like that but because they are celebrities, whatever they say is taken hook, line and singer and we are criticized for not helping our colleagues”, he said on UTV.

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