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Don’t Beg People To Love You, Use Juju on Them-Hajia Bintu Advises

In recent times one of the hardest thing both men and women find very to grab is genuine love as everyone today is bent on faking how they feel about a person just for selfish interest.

This has become one of the challenges that the youth of today try hard to fight but it keeps glaring at them and collapsing a lot of marriages.

Hajia Bintu has given her fans and Ghanaians the best way to escape broken heart and pain after entrusting once love and trust.

In a post on twitter, she advised fans not to beg their partners for love but rather opt for juju.

Apparently she believes a partner who is finding it hard to reciprocate love will easily do so when juju is involved.

In her post she wrote; ”Don’t beg people to love you, use juju on them”.

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