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Changing The Industry Name 100 Times Will Not Benefit Filmmakers-Eddie Nartey Reacts To New Name For Movie Indutry

Just like Gloria Sarfo, actor, director and producer Eddie Nartey has reacted to the new name given to the Ghana film industry and he has fired the Committee who sat for the name to be changed.

Recall we reported that some stakeholders met to deliberate upon a name that should be given to the Movie Industry which it will be identified with just like Nigerians have Nollywood, Indians have Bollywood and Americans have Hollywood.

Prior to the new name many Ghanaians called the English speaking movies as Ghallywood and the twi speaking movies as Kumawood but it appears a whole new name has been given to the Movie industry hence sending the actress into shock.

Eddie Nartey who isn’t pleased with the name change has said that the name change is a misplaced priority as Ghana film industry has more pressing issues that need to be addressed rather than changing the name.

Eddie raised concerns about Ghana lacking more Cinemas where movies can be premiered and therefore called on stakeholders to bring investors onboard in other to invest in the industry like Nigeria is doing.

”Let’s not turn a blind eye to the real problems of filmmakers in Ghana. Changing the industry name a 100 times will not benefit any filmmaker in anyway. I have a question, is the Executive secretary Happy Ghana films now sounds exactly as her film festival? I’m disappointed”, he wrote on Instagram.

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