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The Hypocrisy-Kwame A Plus Slams Sarkodie For Criticizing Nana Addo The Hard Way

Political activist and musician Kwame A Plus has slammed multiple award winning rapper Sarkodie over his recent comment on the hardship most Ghanaians face under the Nana Addo administration.

Recall that on Monday 6th December 2021 as some commercial drivers hit the streets of Ghana demanding that the government reduces fuel Sarkodie was busily criticizing the government but many are unhappy about the manner in which he criticized the Nana Addo led administration.

According to all those unhappy with his tweet, in 2013, Sarkodie was hard on former President John Mahama when things weren’t going the right direction but he has been soft on Nana Addo.

“The people are going through it!!! We always do!!! All we ask for is the right environment to hustle/ be productive,” he tweeted.

Kwame A Plus who feels Sarkodie has been unfair to John Mahama when it comes to criticism fired the rapper.

“The hypocrisy. During John Mahama time as president the hardship was caused by his incompetence abi? Now there is serious hardship under Akufo Addo, instead of telling him the truth you added “we always do” to make you look good before them. When you spoke about hardship under John Mahama didn’t “we always do?” Or we were living in San Diego before he became president?”, he said.

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