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May No Blood Be Shed In Your Family As We Near Ending of 2021-Berla Mundi Prophesizes

Broadcast journalist, Berla Munid has made some prophetic declaration in her life and the lives of her fans and family in a post on her Instagram handle.

As Christmas is approaching, although it is a time for merry making, many people lose their lives and properties as a result of over speeding and plots of the devil.

Berla who is determined to see all her loved ones and herself enter the year 2022 made some declarations in her life and theirs.

”It’s a new day. May no blood be shed in your family as we near the end of the year and prepare for 2022?? Tell them ‘Not my blood’ . Amen”, she wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile the media personality lost her father and the final funeral rite came off last weekend.

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