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The Church Also Finds You Boring-DKB Fires Sister Derby

Famous Ghanaian comedian who has been tagged over the years for being unfunny, DKB is displeased with Ghanaian artiste, Sister Derby’s comment regarding the church in her recent interview.

The comedian in a post on social media registered his displeasure about Sister Derby’s comment where she stated categorically that the church is boring and unhelpful to her.

DKB reacting to the singer’s comment stated that if she finds the Church boring then the Church too finds her boring.

This comes after the singer in a recent interview mentioned that she failed her WASSCE examination because of her constant appearance in Church.

She added that she stopped Churching because it’s boring and didn’t help her.

“Like I said earlier, if you find the church boring, the church also finds you boring. No time to waste time. Unashamed of the Gospel,” he wrote on social media.

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