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Sarkodie Is The Reason We’re All Suffering In Ghana-Twitter User Cries

A lot of Ghanaians have lamented on the yet to be unleased hardship that will befall the country in 2022 following the 2022 budget which contains a newly introduced E-Levy.

Some social media folks are of the opinion that the E-Levy which was added to the 2022 budget will bring hardship on Ghanaians in coming years owing to the fact that there’s scarcity of jobs in the country.

Despite some Ghanaians accusing the government of the day for taxing Ghanaians too much which is causing hardship in the country, a twitter user identified as AsepaGhana has accused multiple award winning rapper Sarkodie for being the cause of hardship in the country.

According to him Sarkodie’s words in his ‘Happy Day’ song endorsing the New Patriotic Party is the reason Ghanaians are suffering today.

Apparently he believes the rappers endorsement made the NPP to win the 2020 election and after winning they decided to inflict hardship on Ghanaians.

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