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I Won’t Destroy My 20-Year-Old Brand For Your Money-Mcbrown To Skin Bleaching Brands

Most loved Ghanaian actress Nana Ama Mcbrown has said that she won’t watch her twenty-year-old brand which she has built with the help of God and Ghanaians to go down the drain all because of some small amount of money from bleaching companies.

The actress speaking with Abieku Santana stated that se is very selective and circumspect when it comes to endorsing a skin bleaching product.

According to her whenever a sking bleaching brand comes to her for endorsement she does her background checks before going ahead with it because she doesn’t want to soil her hard earned reputation.

“I investigate to the FDA, I check and read your certificate. I know the compounds in creams that can make you bleach. So if I read and find out it won’t help me, I bring it back to you”.

“if you look at the brand I have built with the help of God and Ghanaians over the past twenty years, am I going to follow the small money you give me so when someone hurts, what should I do”, she replied while answering a question on whether she is bold to tell the brands about her findings.

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