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I Have Been Single For Two Years Now; I’m Tired of Looking Love-Efia Odo Disclose

According to Ghanaian musician Kwabena Kwabena finding genuine love is a very difficult one and actress Efia Odo has affirmed it via a recent comment she made.

Many celebrities in Ghana and abroad suffer to make their relationship stand the test of time and that may not necessarily mean that they are not of good behaviour but something that comes with being a celebrity.

Actress Efia Odo seem to be going through the same struggle as she reveals that she has been single for two years now hence getting tired of finding love.

The actress says she is a good woman and any man who will win her heart should he sure of getting a good wife for himself.

“I think I have to stop looking for love because I am tired. All the men that come my way are after something else and not real love. They either want to get into your pants or just take pride in the fact that they are dating Efia Odo which does not work for me”.

“I dated a couple of guys back then and all didn’t work. I wish I were married with children because that is what I want right now. I understand love and when a man understands me it is very easy for us to roll. I am not a difficult person and I am very submissive when I am in love,” she stated.

Despite finding it difficult to find true love, Efia Odo says she can’t date a broke guy.

“The days when I used to take care of men because I was in love are over. If you are broke then please don’t come near me because I want a man who will spend on me. I don’t do married men, I get a lot of married men approaching me and wanting to start a relationship with me but it’s a straight no for me. I don’t want to be the reason a marriage will fail,”

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