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Van Vicker Celebrates His Only Son For The 1st Time Ever As He Turns A Year Older

For the first time ever, Libyan actor based in Ghana, Van Vicker has taken to social media to celebrate his only son.

It appears that his only son has turned 13 years on 21st November 2021.

Taken to his social media handle he wrote; ”My boy is 13years today. A big man I must say. This is the stage that makes or breaks one. Son you can forget all I have groomed you to be but forget not, LEF, the premium on LIFE, EDUCATION and FREEDOM. You are blessed son. HE Shall continue to guide, protect and grace you with success. You shall be greater in His Mighty Name. Happy bday son. Daddy loves you”.

While celebrating his son, he shared a photo which featured himself and the son. They shared a striking resemblance making many of his fans express shock over the resemblance.

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