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Pakistan Parliament Passes Law That Will See Repeat Rapist Chemically Castrated

The Pakistani Parliament has passed a law that will see to it that rapists convicted of repeat offence will be chemically castrated.

This comes following a series of attacks on women and children across the country.

Reports indicates that the new legislation will also allow for quicker convictions through the establishment of special courts which will fast-track s3xual assault cases.

This new law forms a part of series of measures including the creation of a national sex offenders register and the protection of victims’ identities.

The establishment of special fast track courts across the nation to hear rape cases and a verdict must be reached within four months are what the bill points at.

Anti-rape crisis cells in public hospitals will also be created where victims are able to register their assault and receive a medical examination within hours of the crime.

With regards to gang rape, those found guilty will be sentenced to death of life imprisonment and those caught of repeated offence will face chemical castration.

This new bill comes following public outcry on the rampant rape cases in the country.

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