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Most of these celebrities you admire have nothing to their Name – Adu Safowaa shades certain celebrities

Ghanaian Actress cum event organizer Adu Safowah had dropped a piece of advice for her friends and fans on social media on how to handle social media pressure.

According to her in a Post, She claim Most people should stop looking up to these celebrities because most of them have nothing better to offer them, She claim most of these celebrities on social media who usually portray themselves as Rich as rather poor in real life.

She claim most of them have nothing to their Name not even a land but the they come to social media just to give pressure to their Fans and brag about unseen riches. Posting her Picture, She wrote: Dear youth Out there, Desiring to be part of the media industry? If yes, please investigate people you desire to be attached to, na Some of the people you dey admire eeeerh, half plot of land koraaa, dey no get … 3y3 d3d3 ni kasa kwa ???????…. Cars they drive eeerh, go to DVLA, it registered in Game boys d3ma names ….. hahahaha ooooh gh

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