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Keta Tidal Waves: Afenyo-Markin Apologizes For Displaying Fake Picture

The Deputy Majority leader in Parliament, Alexander Afenyo-Markin has rendered an apology for using a different picture which wasn’t from Keta to make a case about the tidal waves in Keta in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Speaking on the ‘New Day’ show on 16th November 2021, he mentioned that he has already apologized about the photo he used regarding the tidal wave because it was a mistake.

“Yesterday I apologize for it sincerely for relying on that picture to connect to to the realty. we all make mistakes , we rely rely on World Bank reports , UNCESCO Funded research, BBC report on the activity of sand winning and its effect are all over.”

He apologized following calls from some individuals including legal practitioner, Gordon Edudzi Tamakloe on the Majority caucus to render an apology to people of Keta for using a picture on alleged sand winning activities in Keta which has caused the tidal wave.

He noted that the picture which was used by Afenyo-Markin has nothing to do with Keta instead it was a foreign that was taken from Sierra Leone and was used by the member of Parliament to justify the tidal waves that has made life unbearable for some keta residents.

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