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Traditionally, Culturally, Our System Endorses Corruption-COP Kofi Boakye Opines

The Director-General in charge of Legal and Prosecution for the Ghana Police Service, COP Kofi Boakye has tackled the popular perception that police officers are corrupt because they collect tips when stationed on the road.

Kofi Boakye in an interview with seasoned journalist Kwesi Pratt Jnr was seen defending the police service.

He strongly believes that corruption isn’t something that is peculiar to just the Police Service but rather a common characteristic that can be found in almost all Ghanaians.

He stated emphatically that the culture and system of Ghana endorses corruption.

“traditionally, culturally, our system endorses corruption. Look at all our proverbs”, ”therefore, we have to look at our own culture. So saying that Police is corrupt is so easy”.

COP Kofi Boakye who is of the opinion that corruption is a common trait in Ghanaians couldn’t fathom on why the police are always bashed whenever issues of corruption are raised.

Is it the giving of money or taking of money? That is the infinitesimal aspect of corruption. What about nepotism? What about favoritism? What about patronage? What about clanism?” he quizzed.

He further said; People going from maybe CDD, [you know somebody] you want your son to be recruited, you go and see somebody because you are a Professor; they say ‘[oh, oh] Prof, bring him, bring him’, he’s recruited without going through the merits, without going to stand in sun, he’s recruited and so many other things

” . . if, now, we go and interview people at the harbour alone, they will have who is more corrupt there. When we go and interview teachers or people who want to be admitted [in] JSS, you will know who is more corrupt. But you know [Police], among all the works, Police, we’re the interface between the law and the public. Is that right? And they see us more; Policemen are always on the road and even the Police corruption they’re talking about, it’s only on the roads . . . which we have accepted that it’s bad. But who gives them the money?” he went on to say.

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