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Delay Finally Drops Reason She Is Unmarried At 39

In the African society especially Ghana, when a person attains a particular age all and sundry expects the person to be married and after the person is married, that is when he or she is seen as living a fulfilled life.

Delay is one of the great media personalities as well as entrepreneurs doing so well for themselves but for countless times she has been bothered with the question of ‘when are you getting married?.

The way the questions comes makes it seem like these curious people have prepared a suitor for Delay and yet she has refused to be married.

Its quiet annoying sometimes when people bother women about marriage knowing very well they can’t just get up one day and just marry like they are going for shopping.

In a tweet Delay has finally served her curious fans with the reason she isn’t married yet.

According to her she will never force a relationship in her life. The only thing she is willing to force in her life is her jeans over her @ss.

”The only thing I will force in my life is my jeans over my ass. Not friendships. Not relationships!”, she tweeted.


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