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More Photos + Videos of Lady At The Center of Xandy Kamel’s Collapsed Marriage Pops Up

Recall that we reported that Xandy Kamel’s husband Kaninja has crawled back into the arms of his ex-girlfriend Annabel after being married to the actress for a year now.

According to the actress her husband has been cheating on her with other women including his ex-girlfriend (Annabel) who also works with Angel Broadcasting Cooperation.

She explained that whenever her husband wants to cheat he takes off the wedding ring then tell the women he has divorced Xandy so he can have his way with the.

At the moment the woman at the center of Xandy and her husband’s brouhaha who claims she is claiming back what Xandy snatched from her some time ago is Annabel.

We have tried to get some videos and photos of her.


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